Our Staff

Denise Crosbie

Denise Crosbie is the fulltime Wetlands Officer, a position she has held since 1996. She holds a tertiary qualification in Environmental Science and has been a member of the Wetlands Conservation Society since 1991. Over the years Denise has become an all-rounder and is responsible for administration, accounts and the coordination of the landcare and education programs. Denise was awarded the 2006 John Oldham Conservation Employee Award for her ongoing efforts at the Centre. If Denise ever retired she would be great in a circus because she is a great juggler and gets to work with all sorts of colourful characters. (I did not say clowns!)

Rex Sallur

Rex Sallur has had a lifelong concern for the environment and became an active member of the Wetlands Conservation Society during 1987. He was employed as a fulltime Landcare Officer from 1995 through to 2003 after which changes to the distribution of Commonwealth grants resulted in funding cuts to the Centre. Rex now works as a general assistant one day per week and helps with the coordination of the volunteers and general maintenance of the Centre. He continues to provide significant voluntary input to the Centre’s operations during his free time.

Norm Godfrey

Norm Godfrey is our Volunteer Nursery Manager. During his previous career he specialised in research on the nutritional and feeding requirements of pigs for the Department of Agriculture. His research background provided an excellent grounding for propagation work in the nursery. Norm has spent considerable time photographing and identifying our local plants. He has learnt to propagate more than 80 species of local plants. Norm is also our resident poet and a very entertaining one at that!

Wetlands Administrative Officer

The position for a part-time Wetlands Administrative Officer has now been filled. We welcome Danielle Tyrls. More about Danielle later. 

Janene Watts

Janene is a casual landcare assistant and a recent winner of the Environment Category at the City of Cockburn Inspirational Volunteer Awards 2012. That’s right, Janene also contributes substantial voluntary time to our Centre and other organisations. Janene was nominated for the extra mile she goes to enhance the programs, interact and welcome the ‘old-timers’ and the newcomers, and her infectious personality and laugh. Well done Janene!