World Environment Day

Teachers – call for registrations coming soon!
The 10th 2017 World Environment Day School’s Festival event will be celebrated on Friday 9 June 2017. Registrations will soon open for Year 4-7 primary schools located in the City of Cockburn. 
To view last year’s program and registration form please click on this link:

What is World Environment Day?
World Environment Day was established by the United Nations General Assembly in 1972 to mark the opening of the Stockholm Conference on the Human Environment. World Environment Day is widely celebrated throughout the world on or near June 5 to encourage worldwide awareness and positive environmental action. It also serves as to remind us that many individual actions have the the collective power for having a positive impact on the planet. The 2016 slogan ‘Go Wild for Life’ was selected to encourage you to spread the word about wildlife crime and the damage it does, and to challenge all those around you to do what they can to prevent it. Watch this space for the new 2017 theme!

The organisers
Since 2008, the Wetlands Precinct, a group of neighbouring community organisations, the Cockburn Wetlands Education Centre Inc (that’s us), the Bibra Lake Scouts and Native Animal Rehabilitation Centre Inc have partnered with our local government, the City of Cockburn, to organise and celebrate this event by holding an annual ‘Schools Festival’. The event can cater for 6 schools and is only open to primary schools within the City of Cockburn. Students rotate though 5 hands-on activities with a focus on education for sustainability!